Why We Exist

We recognize that the need for sleep is universal, and yet the ability to afford a quality mattress is not; we seek to provide quality mattresses where assistance is necessary.

The Dreamer

Hello people of the Beaverton and Hillsboro, Oregon area!

We are still moving towards our goal of becoming a non-profit, and we will be giving updates on our progress as we go. Please be patient, all of the world’s wheels are turning a bit slower than they used to and there are a lot of steps in this process. I want to thank everyone who has helped us so far and everyone who will be pitching in as we move forward. Our community is full of wonderful and amazing people, and I am so happy to be working with you all.

–Sarah Ashcraft

Meet our CEO:

Sarah Ashcraft has a Bachelor of Arts in Language Arts Teaching from George Fox University, management and sales experience, and spent her formative years in Germany, Belgium, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, with a fairly small amount of time in the U.S. She loves crafting, knitting, crocheting, painting rocks, and running her own candle-making shop.

Meet our Board of Directors:

Miles Crumley is an operations analyst manager for a government agency in Portland, Oregon. Miles brings a wealth of experience to his role as board member for Mattresses in Reach. In 2010, he was the Collegiate Conference Director for the Northwest Collegiate Cycling Conference (NWCCC). While serving as director, the NWCCC had the largest proportion of registered women racers out of all other conferences in the US. An avid book collector, Miles is looking forward to helping Mattresses in Reach delivery on its mission and values. (on the right, holding the picture collage.)

My name is Jenny. I am a behavioral coordinator in Washington County. My passion is to help build relationships and bridge gaps within our underserved communities. When I’m not working, you can find me taking my fur baby Roo on hikes and walks.

Beth Dasher has 25 years experience working in non-profit, focusing on areas of pregnancy and early childhood/parenting. Her recent focus has been on program management and mentorship to new managers. Her experience includes program budget planning and monitoring, and she has specialized training in organizational goal setting and logic models for implementation.

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